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August / September 2019 British Driven
Volume 7, Issue 4

History is Important

by Ed Taccone
I thank our uncle Laurie while in England for inspiring me to write this article. I found the museum of the London Docklands extremely interesting and historically valuable.

History is important as was the case in celebrating our car club’s tenth year anniversary. Would you not agree it was based historically from inception by the people who were responsible for creating our wonderful car club?
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Sounding Knowledgeable

by Paul Dullaert
Naturally we want to be accepted, even admired, by people belonging to groups in which we share an interest. One of the ways we do this is to learn the specific vocabulary used and understood by established members of the group. It doesn’t matter if it’s tennis or horses, they all have their own terms not readily understood by people outside of the group. I don’t play golf so I don’t need to know what a mulligan is. I don’t watch hockey so I hesitate to guess what a five hole might be. But I am interested in British cars so I have learned some of the specific terms used to talk about them.
Paul & Jan with R-R
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HBCC 10th Anniversary Celebrations

HBCC 10th Anniversary (105)
On Saturday August 10th, members from the Headwaters British Car Club got together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Car Club. Many thanks are extended toward Organizing Committee members, Tom Hodgson, Malcolm Stanton and Leah Hill and the many HBCC volunteers for putting together such a fine event. Thanks also to the Caledon Fairgrounds Ladies' Auxiliary who did a beautiful job catering the meal for the fifty plus people in attendance.
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HBCC Anniversary Car Show Winners:

Our 10th Anniversary celebration would not have been complete without a car show!

HBCC 10th Anniversary (28)
HBCC 10th Anniversary (80)
HBCC 10th Anniversary (84)
HBCC 10th Anniversary (87)
First Place: Malcolm Stanton with his 1948 MG TC
Second Place: David Wakefield with his 1955 Triumph TR2
Third Place: Russell Norman with his 1968 Jaguar 240
As part of the 10th Anniversary festivities, HBCC members were invited to participate in the British Costume contest.

There were many imaginative outfits chosen by our members
ranging from Highlanders
HBCC 10th Anniversary (96)
HBCC 10th Anniversary (100)
and their very own Sassenach, to not just one but two Sherlock Holmes and a Dr. Watson and an English country gentleman.
Jean Hodgson accepting her award from Mike Davies. All agreed she had clevelry transformed herself into Friar Tuck!
Here Tom Hodgson is presented with his award. Captain Cook along with the rest of the Committee launched a successful celebration.
Winners of the contest in the ladies' category were Jean Hodgson as a monk and Tom Hodgson as Captain Cook, in the men's category. Congratulations to them both and thanks to everyone who got into the fun and dressed up in their favourite British attire.

The Sponsors’ Corner

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