The Headwaters British Car Club is not a charity driven organization but it does support various charities as opportunities arise. As an ongoing effort, the HBCC, through its “50/50 Draw”, will be a supporter of a local charity selected by the Executive, after the AGM. The collected funds are retained by the Treasurer until the end of the year and then a single donation is made. The charity which receives the Club’s support is reviewed annually by the Executive and the decision is renewed or changed as the Board decides. While the Club is not a ‘charity driven’ organization, members are free to organize a drive in support of their own personal charity. In those cases, members are asked to support the efforts of the member in whatever way the member arranges. Those runs or events will be advertised on the Club’s website and the details included in the advertising. Website Promotion: With the large number of members who have their own charitable projects, it quickly became apparent in the early years of the Club that using the website’s communication system for advertising and promoting individual member’s charitable events was not possible. The Executive felt that the volume of such requests would quickly become very large and the impact would desensitize the Club’s communications to its members. Therefore the HBCC e-mail system is not used for these purposes. However, in addition to organizing and sponsoring drives in support of their personal charity, members are welcome to make an announcement at any monthly meeting with regard to any event they are involved in, and seek support from individual Club members. These requests may only be in the form of ‘brief announcements’ and making pledge forms available at meetings and are not to be more involved presentations which would use meeting time. Any questions? Please contact either the President, the Event Coordinator or person arranging the run.