We are pleased to note that there are currently 114 Cars registered with the Club!

Allard J2X 1954 blue sands1957allardj2x
Aston Martin Vantage V8 2006  silver  
Austin Mini 850 1966  blue
Austin-Healey  3000  1960
Austin-Healey Mk I Sprite  1960  yellow  Thoenes1960AustinHealeyMk1Sprite
Bentley Mulsanne S 1978 green
Bristol 400 1948 burgundy berteletti1948bristol
Bristol 409 1966  green  Berteletti1966Bristol409
Daimler Barker Special Sports 1949 blue/silver
Jaguar Mark VII 1952 red/white LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
Jaguar Mk 10 1962 Gunmetal Grey
Jaguar E-Type 1966 Midnight Blue  Valade1966JaguarXKEb
Jaguar E-Type OTS 1970 Signal Red Mason1970JaguarEtype
Jaguar E-Type 2+2 1970 green  mason1970jaguare-type2
Jaguar E-Type 1970 Old English White  Pontsa1970JaguarXKE
Jaguar XJ6 1972 taupe
Jaguar XJ6 1985 silver
Jaguar XJSC 1986 Cranberry
Jaguar XJSC 1986 red
Jaguar XJSC 1986 black sands1986jaguarxjsc
Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign 1988 black mason1988jaguarxj6sovereign
Jaguar Vanden Plas XJ12 1989 British Racing Green
Jaguar XJS Convertible 1989 Signal Red
Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign 1994 beige valade1994jaguarxj6sovereign
Jaguar XJS Convertible 1994 British Racing Green gesualvi1994jaguarxjs
Jaguar XJ12 1994 British Racing Green
Jaguar XJS 1995 burgundy  kailan1995jaguarxjs
Jaguar XJS 1995 Jade Green oostyen1995jaguarsjc
Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas 1996  black  taccone1996jaguarxj6vandenplas
Jaguar XK8 1997 Topaz pontsa1997jaguarxk8
Jaguar XK8 2000 Topaz 2000 xk8 topaz coupe pontsa
Jaguar Super charged XKR 2000 British Racing Green hergott2000jaguarxke
Jaguar S-Type 2000 white
Jaguar S-Type 2004 Seafrost Green  kailan2004jaguars-type
Jaguar S-Type 2004 Metallic Grey pontsa2004jaguars-type
Jaguar X-Type 2008
Jaguar XFR 2010 black  Evans2010JaguarXFR
Jaguar F-Type 2014 Firesand  kailan2014jaguarf-type
London Taxi  FX4 1986 black  Tully1986bLondonTaxiFX4
Lotus Elan DHC 1967 British Racing Green fysh1967lotuselandhc
Lotus Elan FHC 1967 yellow fysh1967lotuselanfhc
Lotus Elan +2 1969 yellow horne1969lotuselan2
Lotus Elan S4 1970  blue  Horne1970LotusElanS4
Lotus Elan DHC+2 1972 blue  mason1972lotuselandhc
Lotus Eclat 1976 red
Lotus Elite 1976 white
Lotus Eclat 1977 white
Lotus Caterham Super Seven 1986 British Racing Green
MG TB 1939 silver/maroon mount1939mgtb
MG TC 1946 black/silver mount1946mgtc2
MG TC 1947 Clipper Blue mount1947mgtc
MG TC 1948 British Racing Green stanton1948mgtc
MG TD 1951 Cream Yellow valade1951mgtd
MG TD 1952 black thornton1952mgtd
MG TD 1953 Autumn Red tully1953mgtd
MG TD  1953
MG YB 1953 Autumn Red mount1953amgyb
MG TF 1954 white mason1954mgtf
MG TF 1954 blue bauman1954mgtfm9
MG A 1956  turquoise baker1956mga
MG A 1958 red lockyer1958mga
MG A Twin Cam 1958 (TBA) mount1958mgatwincam
MG A 1959 (TBA) bauman1959mga
MG A Coupe 1960 Chariot Red hillkendeborahmgacoupe1960
MG A 1600 1960 white bates1960mgab
MG A Mk II 1961 white  
MG A Roadster 1962 red cox1962mga
MG A Mk II 1962 Orient Red stanton1962mgamkii
MG B 1964
MG B Roadster 1965 red mason1965mgb
MG B 1967 Blaze redpath1967mgb
MG B 1968 red mason1968mgb
MG B 1970 Midnight Blue finch1970mgb
MG B Roadster 1970 red hodgson1970mgb
MG B 1974 white boston1974mgb
MG B 1974 Dark Red
MG B 1974 red snow1974mgb
MG B 1975 Viper Red valade1975mgb
MG B 1976
MG B 1977 white <davies1977mgbb
MG B 1978 white  Hill1978MGB
MG B 1978 Inca Yellow
MG B Roadster 1978 (orange) red
MG B Roadster 1978 Russet Brown tully1978mgb2
MG B 1980 orange bates1980mgb
MG BGT 1969 red
MG CGT 1969 green  Mason1969MGCGT
MG Midget Mk3 1972  red  
MG Midget 1976 black young1976mgmidget
Mini Cooper S 2008 British Racing Green fysh2008minicoopers
Morgan Plus 4 1955 Brunswick Green sands1955morganplus4
Morgan Plus 4 1967 black guthrie197morgan
Morgan Plus 4 Four Seater 1967 yellow sands1967morganplus4
Morgan Plus 4 1986 Porsche Alpine White bereskin1986morganplus4
Morris Minor 1929 blue/black sandsa1929morrisminor
Morris Minor 1000 1957 white taccone1957morrisminor1000
Rolls-Royce 20/25 1935 slate/blue gray  Berteletti1935RollsRoyce2025
Sunbeam Tiger 1966 True Red clare1966sunbeamtiger
Triumph Continental 1937 (TBA) DCIM114GOPRO
Triumph TR3 1955 Cotswold Blue berteletti1955tr33
Triumph GT6 1967 green/green evans1967triumphgt6
Triumph GT6 1973 blue
Triumph Spitfire 1975 red taccone1975triumphspitfire
Triumph Spitfire 1976 red >vorkoetter1976triumphspitfire
Triumph Spitfire 1976 Tahiti Blue watt1976triumphspitfire
Triumph Spitfire 1978 red yaremko1978triumphspitfireb
Triumph Spitfire 1500 1978 Brooklands Green Pincoe1978TriumphSpitfire
Triumph Spitfire 1500 1980 blue maguire1980triumphspitfire
Triumph TR6 1972 British Racing Green baker1972triumphtr6
Triumph TR6 1973 Hunter Green aaltink1973triumphtr6b
Triumph TR6 1974 white simpson1974triumphtr6
Triumph TR6 1976 British Racing Green  Haas1976TriumphTR6
Triumph TR6 1976 New White pincoe1976triumphtr6b

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