Press Releases

The following are some of the press articles that have been written about the HBCC over the years. The individual articles are in PDF format and will download to your computer. Depending on the settings in your computer, they will either appear immediately or you may need to check in your ‘download’ file and open them there.

If you know about an article that was written about the club please forward the information to the web manager or any executive member. If we receive the name of the publication and the date of the article we can often obtain an original PDF of the article. Otherwise, we can scan an existing article you may have and obtain a copy suitable for viewing on the website.

Enjoy Our HBCC Press Clippings by clicking on the red titles…

1) In The Beginning….original fall of 2008 article about Tom and Norm and their desire to start a British car club.

British Car Buffs Start Local Club

2) Original article of interest written in March 2012 by Rupert Lloyd Thomas about the hill-climbing that took place in the Hockley Valley and Rattlesnake Point in the 50’s and 60’s.

Racers on the Road

3) Article from The Caledon Citizen – Motoring, June 2012 recording the HBCC’s re-enactment of the Hockley Hill Climbs. Hockley Hill climbing Remembered after 50 years

Motoring Revival Page 1

Motoring Revival page 2

4) Article from Motoring by Rupert Lloyd Thomas in July 2012 about the Headwaters British Car Club.

Club Caters for U.K. Classics

5) Motoring Article June 2013

Motoring Revival Hockley

6) Motoring Article July 2013 about Hockley Hill climbing.

Motoring Revival Rolls Back the Years

7) In The Hills Article – Summer 2013 about the club and the love of British cars in Canada

Classic Love Story

8) Motoring Article July 2014 about the 3rd Annual Hockley Revival by Rupert Lloyd Thomas

Race Revival Rocks Hockley,

9) From the Orangeville Citizen – December 2015

Donation to Choices Youth Shelter

10) From the Shelburne Free Press – June 6th, 2020

Care-a-van Rally